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peintpro GmbH

The premium supplier in Europe of high-performance decorating tools and accessories.


The headquarters and distribution center is in Lauf, on the outskirts of Nuremberg. This center distributes Wooster Brush and peintpro products throughout Europe and carries stock of all products listed in the catalogue ready for dispatch to our distributors in Europe.

From the USA to Indonesia 

The Wooster Brush products are manufactured in their facility which  has over 880,000 square feet of manufacturing, administration, shipping and warehousing at its location in Wooster Ohio, employing 500 people with an average of 17 years of service each. Our team is dedicated to providing the best value and best performing products in the industry.

peintpro products are manufactured in our factory based in Indonesia, employing up to 1000 people. The facility manufactures high quality bristle brushes, hand made by our team from the best available raw materials. Most of the components are made in-house at this plant and quality standards are amongst the highest in the industry.

From the Czech Republic all over the EU

peintpro also has an assembly plant in Budweiss in the Czech Republic, the brand is uniquely placed to manufacture the highest quality products at the lowest costs whilst servicing our customer’s prompt requirements.

​Wooster's brands include: Ultra/Pro®. Advantage®, Shortcut; Avalon®, Pro/DooZ®, Candy Stripe ® Cirrus™ and Micro plush™ roller covers. Sherlock® frames and extension poles.


The Jumbo-Koter® mini-roller system and Prep Crew® surface prep tools, and paper hanging and sash tools complete the line-up.


No other supplier produces as many top-selling brands.

You can feel confident knowing Wooster and peintpro are the names behind painting tools.

A boarder is no limit
Wooster, Ohio, USA
Bandung, Indonesia
Budweiss, Czech Republic
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