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Sherlock GT Convertible R090-R097

Sherlock GT Convertible R090-R097



  • Special bayonet Grip Tip™ holds Wooster tools in place so they cannot twist or loosen
  • R042 Conversion Tip stores in the end of the grip to make all threaded tools GT compatible
  • Instantly change tools with one push on the fiberglass-reinforced nylon lever
  • Hexagonal aluminum inner pole prevents twisting; rugged fiberglass outer pole
  • Easily adjusts in 6 in. increments with a touch of the thumb, then locks securely in place
  • Details

    Cat. No. Type of Tip Length Shelf Pack
    R097 Zinc die cast bayonet 1' to 2' 6
    R090 Zinc die cast bayonet 2' to 4' 6
    R091 Zinc die cast bayonet 4' to 8' 6
    R092 Zinc die cast bayonet 6' to 12' 3
    R096 Zinc die cast bayonet 8' to 16' 3
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